5th House Symposium | 02-04 December 2019

Another year has passed, and the Brain Institute at UFRN – fondly called “ICe”
due to its name in Portuguese (Instituto do Cérebro) – turned 8 years old
(www.neuro.ufrn.br). The time has come to protect ICe from melting at its
prodigious infancy, and to guarantee its continuous growth.

Amidst the severe cuts in Brazilian science budgets, the entire ICe community
(from undergrads to graduate students, postdocs, technicians, PIs, secretaries,
outsourced personnel, visiting scholars and collaborators) is looking forward to
realizing the dream of moving into its permanent shelter soon: a brand new 5-
story tall building (!) at UFRN campus. This years’ theme – “protecting ICe from
melting” – highlights our journey into a new home and our resistance in doing
high-quality research in northeastern Brazil.

Our House Symposium is the yearly celebration of our existence and
endurance, and the moment when the latest scientific discoveries of our
research teams are shared with the community. It is also a great opportunity to
mingle and open our doors to friends and collaborators in Natal and around the
world, whom we also welcome to present their work.

Come join us in three exciting days of science, and let us all celebrate the
beginning of the new ICe era at the bosom of UFRN! 

The Organizing Committee