The MouseLabTracker software is a Matlab based application that uses imaging processing techniques to analyze video recordings of behavioral experiments and extract information about the animals positions at each time.
Tracking the animals' position as a function of time then allows for studying locomotion, velocity, acceleration, time spent in regions of interest (ROI) or any other behavioral parameter under study. The software runs on the Matlab platform and is opensource.


We provide a User Guide with a complete reference of all software functions as a PDF inside the software package. Alternatively, you can download it here.


You can download the latest version of the MouseLabTracker right here . The current sofware version is 0.2.9.


To send suggestions or bug reports, please write to


The MouseLabTracker was developed by, under the supervision of Prof. Adriano Tort. We thank Fábio Caixeta, Robson Teixeira and Prof. Claudio Queiroz for alpha-testing the software.

Please cite J Neurosci Methods 2006 157:91-7 in any research work that used this software. The software was created at the Brain Institute at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, Brazil. We distribute the software as is, without warranty or guarantee.