• Nonsemantic word graphs of texts spanning 4500 years, including pre-literate Amerindian oral narratives. Data in Brief

    The present article provides detailed information about each text or narrative, including measurements of four graph attributes of interest: number of nodes (lexical diversity), repeated edges (short-range recurrence), largest strongly connected component (long-range recurrence), and average shortest path (graph length)
  • Differential expression levels of Sox9 in early neocortical radial glial cells regulate the decision between stem cell maintenance and differentiation. Journal Of Neuroscience

    Our data thus reveal molecular differences between progenitor cells with different neurogenic behavior at early stages of corticogenesis and indicates that Sox9 is critical for the maintenance of RGCs to regulate the generation of upper layer neurons.
  • ZBTB20 is crucial for the specification of a subset of callosal projection neurons and astrocytes in the mammalian neocortex. Development

    Overall, our data suggest that ZBTB20 acts both in progenitors and in postmitotic cells to regulate cell fate specification in the mammalian neocortex.
  • A protocol to examine the learning effects of ‘multisystem mapping’ training combined with post-training sleep consolidation in beginning readers. Star Protocols

    A protocol to examine the learning effects of ‘multisystem mapping’ training combined with post-training sleep consolidation in beginning readers.
  • The continued need for animals to advance brain research. Neuron

    Policymakers aim to move toward animal-free alternatives for scientific research and have introduced very strict regulations for animal research.
  • LSD, madness and healing: Mystical experiences as possible link between psychosis model and therapy model. Psychological Medicine

    This study sought to explore this paradoxical relationship connecting key parameters of the psychotic experience, psychotherapy, and psychedelic experience.
  • Temporal Relations between Cortical Network Oscillations and Breathing Frequency during REM Sleep. Journal Of Neuroscience

    Here we discovered new and much broader interactions which link breathing frequency to different patterns of oscillatory brain activity.
  • Hippocampus-retrosplenial cortex interaction is increased during phasic REM and contributes to memory consolidation. Scientific Reports

    We found a training-induced modulation of causality between HPC and RSC that was correlated with memory retrieval 24 h later. Retrieval was proportional to the change in the relative influence RSC exerted upon HPC theta oscillation.
  • Zebrafish automatic monitoring system for conditioning and behavioral analysis. Scientific Reports

    Here, a fully automatic conditioning and detailed analysis of zebrafish behavior is presented.
  • Cyclic alternation of quiet and active sleep states in the octopus. iScience

    These results suggest that cephalopods have an ultradian sleep cycle analogous to that of amniotes
  • Is REM sleep a paradoxical state?: Different neurons are activated in the cingulate cortices and the claustrum during wakefulness and paradoxical sleep hypersomnia. JNeurosci

    Our results indicated that W and PS are very different state in term of neocortical activation, although we were not able to determine whether the same or different neurons were activated in ACA, RSP and CLA during W and PSR.
  • Two decades of research towards a potential first anti-epileptic drug. sciencedirect

    As the results shown here comprise many different experimental conditions, we will present them in a succession in which these experiments were performed.