• Requirement for BDNF in the Reconsolidation of Fear Extinction

    BDNF is required for reconsolidation of fear extinction memory.
  • Stress Response II: Resilience and vulnerability

  • Input and Output Gain Modulation by the Lateral Interhemispheric Network in Early Visual Cortex

    Neurons in the cerebral cortex are constantly integrating different types of inputs. Dependent on their origin, these inputs can be modulatory in many ways and, for example, change the neuron's responsiveness, sensitivity, or selectivity.
  • Synaptic Homeostasis and Restructuring across the Sleep-Wake Cycle

    Sleep is critical for hippocampus-dependent memory consolidation. However, the underlying mechanisms of synaptic plasticity are poorly understood. The central controversy is on whether long-term potentiation (LTP) takes a role during sleep and which would be its specific effect on memory....
  • Interplay of environmental signals and progenitor diversity on fate specification of cortical GABAergic neurons

    Cortical GABAergic interneurons constitute an extremely diverse population of cells organized in a well-defined topology of precisely interconnected cells.
  • Sexual dysfunction in obese women is more affected by psychological domains than that of non-obese

  • Endocrine and Cognitive Adaptations to Cope with Stress in Immature Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): Sex and Age Matter

  • Astrocyte heterogeneity in the brain: from development to disease

    In this review, we focused on astrocyte heterogeneity in terms of their morphological, protein expression and functional aspects, and debate in a historical perspective the diversity encountered in glial rogenitors and how they may reflect mature astrocyte heterogeneity.
  • Specification of excitatory neurons in the developing cerebral cortex: progenitor diversity and environmental influences

    The mature cerebral cortex harbors a heterogeneous population of glutamatergic neurons, organized into a highly intricate histological architecture. Classically, this mixed population of neurons was thought to be generated sequentially from a seemingly homogenous group of progenitors under the influence...
  • Experience-dependent upregulation of multiple plasticity factors in the hippocampus during early REM sleep

    Sleep is beneficial to learning, but the underlying mechanisms remain controversial. The synaptic homeostasis hypothesis (SHY) proposes that the cognitive function of sleep is related to a generalized rescaling of synaptic weights to intermediate levels, due to a passive downregulation of plasticity...
  • Stress response: I. Homeostasis and allostasis theory

  • Sabores em ondas cerebrais

    Cientistas tentam entender como o cérebro processa informações por meio da atividade individual dos neurônios. Pesquisas recentes mostram como o cérebro apreende e decodifica o que chamamos de realidade.