• Efeitos da administração aguda de quetamina sobre as oscilações eletrofisiológicas da região ca1 hipocampal

  • The influence of interhemispheric connections on spiking, assembly and LFP activities, and their phase relationship during figure-ground stimulation in primary visual cortex

    Desde os descobrimentos pioneiros de Hubel e Wiesel acumulou-se uma vasta literatura descrevendo as respostas neuronais do córtex visual primário (V1) a diferentes estímulos visuais. Estes estímulos consistem principalmente em barras em movimento, pontos ou grades, que são úteis para explorar as respostas dentro do...
  • Slow Oscillations in the Mouse Hippocampus Entrained by Nasal Respiration. The Journal of Neuroscience

    In this study, the authors demonstrate the existence of a previously unrecognized type of neuronal rhythm in the mouse hippocampus that is entrained by respiration. The rhythm is close in frequency to classical theta oscillations but can be distinguished by several features...
  • Undersampled Critical Branching Processes on Small-World and Random Networks Fail to Reproduce the Statistics of Spike Avalanches

    We conclude that undersampled branching-process-like models in these topologies fail to reproduce the statistics of spike avalanches.
  • Neuroscience and education: prime time to build the bridge

    We discuss four specific cases in which neuroscience synergizes with other disciplines to serve education, ranging from very general physiological aspects of human learning such as nutrition, exercise and sleep, to brain architectures that shape the way we acquire language and reading,...
  • Sleep and school education

    Here we review the biological and psychological phenomena underlying the cognitive role of sleep, present the few published studies on sleep and learning that have been performed in schools, and discuss potential applications of sleep to the school setting. Translational research on...
  • Increase in Hippocampal Theta Oscillations during Spatial Decision Making.

    In this study, we investigated to what extent spatial decision making modulates hippocampal theta oscillations when controlling for variations in locomotion speed.
  • Sonic hedgehog signaling regulates mode of cell division of early cerebral cortex progenitors and increases astrogliogenesis

    In this work, we investigated whether SHH signaling influences the behavior of neural progenitors isolated from the dorsal telencephalon, which generate excitatory neurons and macroglial cells in vitro. We observed that SHH increases proliferation of cortical progenitors and generation of astrocytes, whereas...
  • Overweight People Have Low Levels of Implicit Weight Bias, but Overweight Nations Have High Levels of Implicit Weight Bias

    We investigated whether the national and cultural context – particularly the national prevalence of obesity – predicts attitudes toward overweight people independent of personal identity and weight status.
  • Graph analysis of dream reports is especially informative about psychosis

    Dream reports are substantially more informative about the mental state of psychotic subjects than waking reports.
  • Novo, mas nem tão admirável

    Neurocientista traça a história do uso de substâncias que estimulam o ser humano a sonhar acordado e examina como a cultura psicodélica influenciou o cinema e a literatura, de Aldous Huxley a William Gibson, criadores que vislumbraram caminhos alternativos para uma civilização...
  • Neurobiology and clinical implications of lucid dreaming

    Several lines of evidence converge to the idea that rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) is a good model to foster our understanding of psychosis.