Publications - Neurodynamics

  • Salicylate induces anxiety-like behaviour and slow theta oscillation and abolishes the relationship between running speed and fast theta oscillation frequency

    We found that animals treated with salicylate moved dramatically less than saline treated animals.
  • Ventral hippocampal OLM cells control type 2 theta oscillations and response to predator odor.

    Here, we show that optogenetic activation of oriens-lacunosum moleculare (OLM) interneurons in the ventral hippocampus drives type 2 theta. Moreover, we found that type 2 theta generation is associated with increased risk-taking behavior in response to predator odor.
  • OLMa2 cells bidirectionally modulate learning

    Here we set out to determine whether selective modulation of OLMa2 cells in the intermediate CA1 affects learning and memory in vivo.