Publications - Neural Networks and Epilepsy

  • Disentangling chemical and electrical effects of status epilepticus-induced dentate gyrus abnormalities

    In rodents, status epilepticus (SE) triggered by chemoconvulsants can differently affect the proliferation and fate of adult-born dentate granule cells (DGCs). It is unknown whether abnormal neurogenesis results from intracellular signaling associated with drug-receptor interaction, paroxysmal activity, or both.
  • The GCN2 inhibitor IMPACT contributes to diet-induced obesity and body temperature control

    This phenotype was partially dependent on GCN2, whereas the lean phenotype was independent of GCN2. Taken together, our results indicate that IMPACT contributes to GCN2-dependent and -independent mechanisms involved in the regulation of autonomic functions in response to energy availability.
  • Identification of hypsarrhythmia in children with microcephaly infected by zika virus

    We performed hypothesis tests that indicated significant differences in the groups under analysis, where the p-values were found to be extremely small.