Publications - Computational Neurophysiology

  • Distinct features of fast oscillations in phasic and tonic rapid eye movement sleep.

    Our data suggest different roles of phasic and tonic REM for information processing or memory formation during sleep.
  • Theta Phase Modulates Multiple Layer-Specific Oscillations in the CA1 Region

    The phase of the hippocampal theta rhythm modulates the amplitude of multiple layer-specific oscillations in CA1.
  • OLM interneurons differentially modulate CA3 and entorhinal inputs to hippocampal CA1 neurons.

    Our results suggest that acetylcholine acting through OLM cells can control the mnemonic processes executed by the hippocampus.
  • Rising Publication Delays Inflate Journal Impact Factors

    Here we point out that the calculation of a journal’s impact factor is mainly based on the date of publication of its articles in print form, despite the fact that most journals now make their articles available online before that date.