Publications - Computational Neurophysiology

  • Caracterização dos Acoplamentos FAse-Amplitude na Região CA1 do Hipocampo.

  • Selective Coupling between Theta Phase and Neocortical Fast Gamma Oscillations during REM-Sleep in Mice

    We analyzed temporal coupling between high-frequency oscillations and EEG theta activity (4–12 Hz) in recordings from mouse parietal neocortex. Theta was exclusively present during active wakefulness and REM-sleep. Fast oscillations occurred in two separate frequency bands: gamma (40–100 Hz) and fast gamma...
  • A mechanism for the formation of hippocampal neuronal firing patterns that represent what happens where.

    Tort and colleagues describe a mechanism underlying the emergence of hippocampal firing patterns that represent the conjunction of an item (what) and its location (where).
  • A mismatch-based model for memory reconsolidation and extinction in attractor networks

    A unified computational model based on attractor dynamics that accounts for the processes of memory reconsolidation and extinction
  • Revisiting Hebb's postulates

    A new analysis framework to address the cell assembly hypothesis at the systems level.