Publications - Ethogenesis

  • Vocal state change through laryngeal development

    Our results emphasize the importance of embodied approaches to vocal development, where exploiting biomechanical consequences of changing material properties can simplify motor control, reducing the computational load on the developing brain.
  • Vocal and locomotor coordination develops in association with the autonomic nervous system

    We found that vocalizations matured sooner than postural and locomotor skills, and that vocal-locomotor coordination improved with age and during elevated arousal levels. These results suggest that postural-locomotor maturity is not required for vocal development to occur, and that infants gradually improve...
  • A semi-parametric statistical test to compare complex networks

    The modelling of real-world data as complex networks is ubiquitous in several scientific fields, for example, in molecular biology, we study gene regulatory networks and protein–protein interaction (PPI)_networks; in neuroscience, we study functional brain networks; and in social science, we analyse social...