Publications - Behavioral Neurophysiology

  • A Respiration-Coupled Rhythm in the Rat Hippocampus Independent of Theta and Slow Oscillations

    Hippocampal respiration rhythm in rats. This work shows that the hippocampus produces two low-frequency rhythms at nearby frequencies: one that couples to respiration and another that is coupled to the neocortex. The results support a role for brain oscillations in connecting distant brain...
  • Olfactory bulb drives respiration-coupled beta oscillations in the rat hippocampus

    We find that beta oscillations simultaneously appear in HPC and OB and phase-lock across structures. Moreover, Granger causality analysis reveals that OB beta activity drives HPC beta.
  • Rats Synchronize Locomotion with Ultrasonic Vocalizations at the Subsecond Time Scale

    Acoustic signals have the potential for transmitting information fast across distances. Rats emit ultrasonic vocalizations of two distinct classes: “22-kHz” or “alarm” calls and “50-kHz” calls.
  • Emergence of invariant representation of vocalizations in the auditory cortex

    An essential task of the auditory system is to discriminate between different communication 33 signals, such as vocalizations. In everyday acoustic environments, the auditory system needs 34 to be capable of performing the discrimination under different acoustic distortions of 35 vocalizations.
  • Neuronal differentiation in the adult hippocampus recapitulates embryonic development.

    We conclude that, unlike what is observed in the olfactory bulb, the hippocampus maintains the same developmental rules for neuronal integration through adulthood.
  • Functional Convergence of Neurons Generated in the Developing and Adult Hippocampus

    We also demonstrate that adult-born neurons can fire action potentials in response to an excitatory drive, exhibiting a firing behavior comparable to that of neurons generated during development. We propose that neurons born in the developing and adult hippocampus constitute a functionally...
  • Similar GABAergic inputs in dentate granule cells born during embryonic and adult neurogenesis

    Our results demonstrate that granule cells of different age, location and degree of excitability receive GABAergic inputs of equivalent functional characteristics.
  • Neurons born in the adult dentate gyrus form functional synapses with target cells

    Our structural and functional evidence indicates that axons of adult-born granule cells establish synapses with hilar interneurons, mossy cells and CA3 pyramidal cells and release glutamate as their main neurotransmitter.
  • Rapid triggering of vocalizations following social interactions

    The large drop in sniff rate observed in submissive rats was caused by the prolonged exhalations needed to produce these calls. We propose that, while submissive rats do lower sniffing rates around face-to-face encounters, dominant rats need not directly perceive this change,...
  • Active sniffing temporally structures ultrasonic vocalizations in rodents

  • Cross-modal responses in the primary visual cortex encode complex objects and correlate with tactile discrimination

    The primary visual cortex can engage in meaningful tactile processing depending on task demand.