Publications - Memory, Sleep and Dreams

  • Zebrafish automatic monitoring system for conditioning and behavioral analysis. Scientific Reports

    Here, a fully automatic conditioning and detailed analysis of zebrafish behavior is presented.
  • Cyclic alternation of quiet and active sleep states in the octopus. iScience

    These results suggest that cephalopods have an ultradian sleep cycle analogous to that of amniotes
  • Zebrafish tracking using YOLOv2 and Kalman filter. Scientific Reports

    The results of the algorithm show adequate performances in the trajectories of groups of zebrafish that exhibited rapid movements
  • The entropic tongue: Disorganization of natural language under LSD. Consciousness and Cognition

    We investigated the hypothesis that language produced under the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) should exhibit increased entropy and reduced semantic coherence.