Publications - Memory, Sleep and Dreams

  • Verbal Short-Term Memory Underlies Typical Development of “Thought Organization” Measured as Speech Connectedness

    Here we set out to test a longitudinal sample (6–8 years old, n =45, followed for 2 years) to verify whether the LSC is predictive of various memory measures, and whether such relations can explain the correlation with reading.
  • Portable devices to induce lucid dreams — are they reliable?

    One of the main current challenges in lucid dreaming (LD) research is to develop a simple and reliable way to induce it (Stumbrys et al., 2012). This is because, for most people, LD is very pleasurable but also very rare (LaBerge and...
  • Criticality between Cortical States

    Here, using both new and publicly available data, we test independent signatures of criticality and show that a phase transition occurs in an intermediate value of spiking variability, in both anesthetized and freely moving animals.
  • Hippocampal functional organization: a microstructure of the place cell network encoding space

    Here, we show that in animals confined to a small part of a maze, principal cells in the CA1/CA3 subfields of the dorsal hippocampus immunoreactive (IR) for Zif268 adhere to a ‘cluster-type’ organization.
  • REHAB FUN: an assistive technology in neurological motor disorders rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy

    We measured attention levels, errors, and time. The REHAB FUN has been shown to be a motivating tool for patients, and through the data acquired, the specialists can direct the treatment in an individualized way so that there are greater effectiveness and...
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis of physical forces playing a role in brain organoid cultures in two different multiplex platforms

    Here we used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate two multiplex culture conditions: steering plates on an orbital shaker and the use of a previously described bioreactor.