Eduardo Bouth Sequerra

BSc in Genetics from Instituto de Biologia (2001), master's in Biological Sciences from Instituto de Biofísica Carlos Chagas Filho (2004) and doctorate in Biophysics from Instituto de Biofísica Carlos Chagas Filho (2008) under the supervision of Cecilia Hedin-Pereira. Spent one year at Fernando Garcia de Mello's lab in the same institute (2008). Worked as a postdoc in Laura Borodinsky's lab at University of California Davis (2009-2013). Returned to Brazil as a postdoc in Marcos Romualdo Costa's lab at the Brain Institute of Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Norte (2014-2016). Is currently a professor at the same Brain Institute where ended his postdoc. Eduardo is a specialist in developmental biology, in special neural development. Supports the return of the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry in Brazil and the return of the democratic normality.

Our group studies how the central nervous system forms. We study phenomena, at the tissue, cell and molecular levels that take a group of cells in the embryo to organize into a complex brain and spinal cord. It also interests us to understand how the environment shapes the final product and generate diseases.


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