To participate in the 3rd Brain Institute’s House Symposium 2017 (free of charge and open to students and investigators from all areas) please send an e-mail to
Affiliation (or undergrad course)
“O Instituto do Cérebro (ICe) da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) realiza o 3o House Symposium, nos dias 30/11 e 01/12, no Instituto Metrópole Digital (IMD), localizado no Campus Central. Com o tema “The new ICe age – Decoding the brain”, o evento é gratuito e aberto à comunidade acadêmica.”



For the presenting participants (poster session) – the recommended poster size is; vertical 80x100cm (see image below)

Save the date:
November 30th – December 1st

Instituto Métropole Digital/UFRN
Auditório B205

Natal – RN