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Motion representation in V1 is mediated by transcortical feedback

Global features of the visual scenery are fed back to lower visual processing units to facilitate the integration of local cues into a global construct.
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Stem cells to neurons: Independent of local niche

Adult neural stem cells (NSCs) could be used to treat nervous system disorders, but does their specification require a local niche? Using adult mouse NSCs, Costa and colleagues show that progression from stem cell to neuron is cell-intrinsic and independent of the local niche.
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Spike Avalanches Exhibit Universal Dynamics across the Sleep-Wake Cycle.

A unique scale-invariant regime of spike avalanches across all major behaviors.
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Neocortex and vocal production in marmosets

Our data provide direct evidence that the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, a key region for speech control in humans, is also activated during vocal production in a non-human New World primate.
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Detecting brain waves communication

Tort et al present a powerful framework for quantifying the level of coupling among simultaneous brain oscillations, which will help elucidating the importance of brain waves communication in cognitive processes.
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