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Sandro José de Souza: O meu genoma

Veja o artigo de autoria do neurocientista e professor do ICe, Sandro José de Souza, publicado neste domingo, 24 de março de 2013, na Folha de São Paulo, onde ele aborda a necessidade de uma legislação específica sobre discriminação genética.
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NMDA receptor blockade impairs the muscarinic conversion of sub-threshold transient depression into long-lasting LTD in the hippocampus-prefrontal cortex pathway in vivo.

Cholinergic fibers from the brainstem and basal forebrain innervate the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) modulating neuronal activity and synaptic plasticity responses to hippocampal inputs.
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OLM interneurons differentially modulate CA3 and entorhinal inputs to hippocampal CA1 neurons

The vast diversity of GABAergic interneurons is believed to endow hippocampal microcircuits with the required flexibility for memory encoding and retrieval. However, dissection of the functional roles of defined interneuron types has been hampered by the lack of cell-specific tools. We identified a precise molecular marker for a population of hippocampal GABAergic interneurons known as oriens lacunosum-moleculare (OLM) cells.
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Speech Graphs Provide a Quantitative Measure of Thought Disorder in Psychosis

Psychosis has various causes, including mania and schizophrenia. Since the differential diagnosis of psychosis is exclusively based on subjective assessments of oral interviews with patients, an objective quantification of the speech disturbances that characterize mania and schizophrenia is in order. In principle, such quantification could be achieved by the analysis of speech graphs. A graph represents a network with nodes connected by edges; in speech graphs, nodes correspond to words and edges correspond to semantic and grammatical relationships.
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Gamma responses correlate with temporal expectation in monkey primary visual cortex

Attending to an event in time leads to gamma increase and alpha suppression in V1. Anticipatory effects on gamma and alpha are global in V1.
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Adult neural stem cells (NSCs) give rise to neurons of distinct subtype specificity

This work describes an adherent culture preparation, which allows for continuous single-cell tracking of NSC behavior.
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Multiple phase-amplitude couplings in the hippocampus

The phase of the hippocampal theta rhythm modulates the amplitude of multiple layer-specific oscillations in CA1.
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Forming what-where associations

Tort and colleagues describe a mechanism underlying the emergence of hippocampal firing patterns that represent the conjunction of an item (what) and its location (where).
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Cross-modal responses in the primary visual cortex encode complex objects and correlate with tactile discrimination

The primary visual cortex can engage in meaningful tactile processing depending on task demand.
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Attractor networks and memory formation and erasure

A unified computational model based on attractor dynamics that accounts for the processes of memory reconsolidation and extinction
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Revisiting Hebb's postulates

A new analysis framework to address the cell assembly hypothesis at the systems level.
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Motion representation in V1 is mediated by transcortical feedback

Global features of the visual scenery are fed back to lower visual processing units to facilitate the integration of local cues into a global construct.
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Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Neurophysiology: Natal, RN, Brazil

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