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Local Field Potentials in the Gustatory Cortex Carry Taste Information

We found that the phase and amplitude of multiple LFP frequencies carry information about stimuli, which have specific time courses after stimulus delivery.
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Limiting glutamate transmission in a Vglut2-expressing subpopulation of the subthalamic nucleus is sufficient to cause hyperlocomotion

Our results demonstrate that altering the contribuition of a limited population within the STN is sufficiente to achieve results similar to STN lesions and high-frequecy stimulation, but with fewer side effects.
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Ten research leaders call for policies to build science, and ways to build science into policy.

BRAZIL: Reward quality not quantity
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Naps in school can enhance the duration of declarative memories learned by adolescents

Here we set out to evaluate the influence of daytime naps on the duration of declarative memories learned in school by students of 10–15 years old.
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An investigation of Hebbian phase sequences as assembly graphs

We investigated action potentials recorded from the adult rat hippocampus and neocortex before, during and after novel object exploration (experimental periods).
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Respiration-driven oscillations in the mouse hippocampus

In this study, the authors demonstrate the existence of a previously unrecognized type of neuronal rhythm in the mouse hippocampus that is entrained by respiration. The rhythm is close in frequency to classical theta oscillations but can be distinguished by several features such as amplitude laminar profile, resistance to cholinergic blockers, and differential entrainment of gamma oscillations. This signal is postulated to link olfactory and hippocampal networks for the processing of sensory information.
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Undersampled Critical Branching Processes on Small-World and Random Networks Fail to Reproduce the Statistics of Spike Avalanches

We conclude that undersampled branching-process-like models in these topologies fail to reproduce the statistics of spike avalanches.
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Increased hippocampal excitability and impaired spatial memory function in mice lacking VGLUT2 selectively in neurons defined by tyrosine hydroxylase promoter activity

These knockout mice showed impairment in spatial memory function. Electrophysiological analyses revealed a profound alteration of oscillatory activity in the CA3 region of the hippocampus.
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Neuroscience and education: prime time to build the bridge

We discuss four specific cases in which neuroscience synergizes with other disciplines to serve education, ranging from very general physiological aspects of human learning such as nutrition, exercise and sleep, to brain architectures that shape the way we acquire language and reading, and neuroscience tools that increasingly allow the early detection of cognitive deficits, especially in preverbal infants.
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Increase in Hippocampal Theta Oscillations during Spatial Decision Making.

In this study, we investigated to what extent spatial decision making modulates hippocampal theta oscillations when controlling for variations in locomotion speed.
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Sonic hedgehog signaling regulates mode of cell division of early cerebral cortex progenitors and increases.

In this work, we investigated whether SHH signaling influences the behavior of neural progenitors isolated from the dorsal telencephalon, which generate excitatory neurons and macroglial cells in vitro. We observed that SHH increases proliferation of cortical progenitors and generation of astrocytes, whereas blocking SHH signaling with cyclopamine has opposite effects.
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Sleep and school education

Here we review the biological and psychological phenomena underlying the cognitive role of sleep, present the few published studies on sleep and learning that have been performed in schools, and discuss potential applications of sleep to the school setting. Translational research on sleep and learning has never seemed more appropriate.
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Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Neurophysiology: Natal, RN, Brazil

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