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Motor Coordination Correlates with Academic Achievement and Cognitive Function in Children

The relationship between exercise and cognition is an important topic of research that only recently began to unravel.
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Live Imaging of Adult Neural Stem Cells in Rodents

Adult Neural Stem Cells (NSC) in the mouse subventricular zone (SVZ) tracked by retroviral labeling during embryonic development (GFP, green) and identified by the proliferative (Ki67, blue) and astrocyte-specific marker (GFAP, red).
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Psychosis and the Control of Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming and psychosis share important features, such as intrinsic sense perceptions independent of external stimulation, and a general lack of criticism that is associated with reduced frontal cerebral activity.
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Impaired theta-gamma coupling in APP-deficient mice

The amyloid precursor protein (APP) is critically involved in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, but its physiological functions remain elusive. This work shows that lack of APP reduces oscillatory coupling in voltage recordings from specific brain regions, despite not affecting the amplitude of the oscillations, thus pointing to reduced cross-frequency coupling as a functional marker of APP deficiency at the network level.
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Hippocampal Respiration-Driven Rhythm Distinct from Theta Oscillations in Awake Mice

This work demonstrates that the hippocampus of awake mice produces slow oscillations that are entrained by nasal respiration. The rhythm is close in frequency to, but distinct from, classical theta oscillations. The results suggest that respiration-coupled oscillations aid the exchange of information between olfactory and memory networks.
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Grid Cells and Place Cells: An Integrated View of their Navigational and Memory Function

This model explains why MEC lesions can abolish hippocampal phase precession but not place fields.
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Impaired Processing in the Primary Auditory Cortex of an Animal Model of Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder clinically characterized by deficits in communication, lack of social interaction and repetitive behaviors with restricted interests.
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Can vocal conditioning trigger a semiotic ratchet in marmosets?

The complexity of human communication has often been taken as evidence that our language reflects a true evolutionary leap, bearing little resemblance to any other animal communication system.
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Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in high-risk youths

Psychiatry lacks the objective clinical tests routinely used in ther specializations. Novel computerized methods to characterize complex behaviors such as speech could be used to identify and predict sychiatric illness in individuals.
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Emergence of invariant representation of vocalizations in the auditory cortex

An essential task of the auditory system is to discriminate between different communication 33 signals, such as vocalizations. In everyday acoustic environments, the auditory system needs 34 to be capable of performing the discrimination under different acoustic distortions of 35 vocalizations.
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Multifactoriality in Psychiatric Disorders: A Computational Study of Schizophrenia

This computational work shows that schizophrenia phenotypes can be produced by a myriad of causes at the molecular and circuit levels, which suggests that unified explanations for either the full syndrome or its behavioral and network endophenotypes are unlikely to be expected at the genetic and molecular levels.
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Parturition Signaling by Visual Cues in Female Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

Skin reflectance spectra at different stages of pregnancy. Reflectance spectra from the genitalia and the thighs of one subject (Female C) measured throughout two weeks following (+1 to +2) and four weeks preceding (-4 to -1) parturition.
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Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Neurophysiology: Natal, RN, Brazil

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