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Chrna2-Martinotti Cells Synchronize Layer 5 Type A Pyramidal Cells via Rebound Excitation

Chrna2-Martinotti cells participate in defined cortical circuits and can synchronize pyramidal cells in a frequency-dependent manner.
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Activity-Independent Effects of CREB on Neuronal Survival and Differentiation during Mouse Cerebral Cortex Development

Neuronal survival and morphological maturation depends on the action of the transcription factor calcium responsive element binding protein (CREB), which regulates expression of several target genes in an activity-dependent manner.
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On cross-frequency phase-phase coupling between theta and gamma oscillations in the hippocampus

Phase-locking of hippocampal theta and gamma waves has been proposed to support memory formation, but an analysis using robust statistical methods finds no convincing evidence for the phenomenon.
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Selective interhemispheric circuits account for a cardinal bias in spontaneous activity within early visual areas

Ongoing brain activity exhibits patterns resembling neural ensembles co activated by stimulation or task performance.
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Sleep Paralysis in Brazilian Folklore and Other Cultures: A Brief Review

Sleep paralysis (SP) is a dissociative state that occurs mainly during awakening.
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Music Proficiency and Quantification of Absolute Pitch: A Large-Scale Study among Brazilian Musicians

Absolute pitch (AP) is the ability to identify and name the pitch of a sound without external reference.
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Machine Learning Algorithms for Automatic Classification of Marmoset Vocalizations

In this work, we consider seven different classification algorithms with the goal of finding a robust classifier that can be successfully trained on small datasets.
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Rats Synchronize Locomotion with Ultrasonic Vocalizations at the Subsecond Time Scale

Acoustic signals have the potential for transmitting information fast across distances. Rats emit ultrasonic vocalizations of two distinct classes: “22-kHz” or “alarm” calls and “50-kHz” calls.
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A Naturalistic Assessment of the Organization of Children’s Memories Predicts Cognitive Functioning and Reading Ability

To explore the relationship between memory and early school performance, we used graph theory to investigate memory reports from 76 children aged 6–8 years. The reports comprised autobiographical memories of events days to years past, and memories of novel images reported immediately after encoding.
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Novel Virtual Environment for Alternative Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy

In this paper, we describe a virtual environment for patients to engage in a playful therapeutic game for neuropsychomotor rehabilitation, based on the experience of the occupational therapy program of the Nucleus for Integrated Medical Assistance (NAMI) at the University of Fortaleza, Brazil.
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Pre-ictal increase in theta synchrony between the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy

We used a TLE rat model generated by perforant path (PP) stimulation to understand whether synchrony between dorsal hippocampal and mPFC networks is altered shortly before a seizure episode.
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Radiological Characterization of Cerebral Phenotype in Newborn Microcephaly Cases from 2015 Outbreak in Brazil

Brazil is facing, since October of 2015, an outbreak of microcephalic fetuses. This outbreak is correlated with the beginning of circulation of Zika virus (ZIKV) in the country.
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