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The Changing Brain Symposium

Date Published:Apr 09, 2015

This symposium will discuss molecular and cellular mechanisms of cerebral cortex development, neurogenesis in the developing and adult brain, as well as models to study neuropsychiatric conditions and new therapeutic approaches. Researches from different countries will present new results on the genetic and environmental risks associated with neurodevelopmental diseases, such as autism and schizophrenia, lineage-reprogramming of adult somatic cells to study mechanisms of diseases and as a possible source of induced neurons that could be used in cell-based therapies. Also, we will be discussing general mechanisms of brain development that could shed light on the understanding of other neuropsychiatric conditions.

Location: Natal - RNMap

Date start: Jul 13, 2015

Data end: Jul 15, 2015

Web site: http://neuro.ufrn.br/changingbrain/

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